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Creative direction, Producer and Creative Consultant

Deborah Dragon is a media veteran with an array of skills and accomplishments at a wide landscape of print and online brands. 

She also served as the Director of Publishing Operations for Pantheon Media, collaborating with the Editor and Creative Director to oversee the production and creative process for the high-profile launch of Grazia Magazine US. 

Deborah also played a pivotal role in Empire Media Group’s digital launch of GraziaMagazine online, along with the relaunch of OKMagazine, RadarOnline, and multiple other titles.   

As the former Deputy Photo Editor of Rolling Stone, she collaborated with photographers to conceptualize and execute hundreds of innovative and award-winning photo shoots.  

Her work has focused not only on musicians, actors and celebrities, but photo-journalism subjects covering politics, crime, real-life and culture. She also has an accomplished history as a photo editor who helped dictate the visual presentation of such top national brands as FHM, Entertainment Weekly and Details.   

Kurt and me in Central Park
Photograph by Peter Yang

Portrait, Landscape and Still Life Pinholes

I use my handmade 4x5 film/polariod pinhole cameras made of cardboard, tape and a piece of aluminum with a tiny hole made from a pin. 

In the beginning the exposure is based on trial and error, until I get to know that particular camera. Shooting pinhole teaches me patience and allows me to relinquish control. Because each exposure can take anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes I can’t just want the shot. I have to wait for the shot. As time passes the camera captures the subjects natural movement creating revealing and sometimes surprising images.

Deborah Dragon is a practicing impatient control freak. She lives in New York City and has a BFA in Fine Arts.

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